Travel Head Pillow - Deluxe


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Introducing an innovative twist on the traditional travel pillow! The smart shape of our shoulder/neck pillow is designed for sleepers who want a controlled sleep posture with a simple product. The unique shape and width of the pillow fill the space between the neck and shoulder for minimal lean when sleeping to the side (perfect for airplane seats.) A smaller, smart shape design for ideal side sleep, the contours support the curve created by your head, neck, and shoulders for therapeutic support when you travel.

Hand or leg anchor to hold pillow snug (removable)
Ergonomically-correct shape
Organic memory foam
Reinvented contoured design
Hypo-allergenic, poly-velvet cover
Engineered for multiple sleeping positions
Convenient, low-profile side pockets
Product Details & Specs
Main Use: Side Sleep, Travel Use (airplane, car, bus, etc) - Place on the shoulder and lean against any side support
Optional Use: Back Rest, Head Prop (couch, bed, etc)
Overall Size: 6" x 7" x 7.5"
Materials: Organic Memory Foam, Hypo-Allergenic
Cover: Removable/Washable Soft Polyester Velvet (color: Grey)
Features: Removable anchor strap, convenient side pockets
Feel: Soft, Smooth, Firm

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