Perlier Royal Elixir Eye Serum


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What You Get
0.5 fl. oz. Royal Elixir Eye Serum

What It Does
Contains Royal Jelly, a precious elixir of youth
Contains honey, a concentrate of sugars
Features a combination of two white flower essences
Help visibly smooths the look of wrinkles around the eyes
Brightens the eye area helping to fight the look of puffiness and signs of tiredness
Consumer Perception Survey In a Human patch test with that no had an adverse reaction. In an instrumental test, the following results were achieved: 44% increase in Skin Hydration after 1 hour and maintained an increase in skin hydration level up to 24% after 4 hours after application 13% increase in Skin Elasticity after 14 days of use & a 23% Increase after 28 days 15% increase in Skin Tonometry after 14 days of use and 30% increase in Skin Tonometry after 28 days 12% Increase in Skin smoothness (profilometry) after 14 days and a 25% increase after 28 days

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