Perlier 100% Organic Pomegranate Body Tightening Treatment

Perlier 100% Organic Pomegranate Body Tightening Treatment


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What You Get
8.4 fl. oz. Pomegranate Tightening Cream

The core of the formula is Perlier's innovative and proprietary Pomegranate-P Complex, a complex that contains the most dynamic principles of pomegranate: water, pulp, seed oil and sterols, extracted from the skin of the pomegranate, with other key ingredients
An extraordinary antioxidant and beauty anti-aging concentrate that helps the skin become firmer-looking
Helps improve the look of skin's elasticity and leaves skin looking smoother; improves skin's hydration
Special peptides work together with key ingredients to help optimize the look of skin and provide components that contribute to the look of skin's firmness
Features an innovative vegetable polymer that acts like a temporary invisible film
Pomegranate Tightening Cream
Contains a new formula with Pomegranate-P complex, a complex that contains the key ingredients of pomegranate water, pulp, pomegranate seed oil, sterols extracts from the rind and antioxidants
Helps improve skin's elasticity and helps smooth skin's appearance
Helps temporarily firm the look of the skin
Improves skin hydration
Formulated to be non-irritating

How to Use
Apply in the morning and at night using a lifting-up motion, starting at the bottom of the legs, and going up to the abdomen, alternating with circular movements. Concentrate on the areas of the skin most subject to relaxation.
Made in Italy
Good to Know
Not a food product
For adult use only

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