Lightseekers Weapon Pack, Electro Eel


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Lightseekers Weapon Pack, Electro Eel
Zap your foes with a shocking surge of electricity! Add the Electro Eel Storm Order Weapon to any hero (sold separately) and it instantly appears in the Lightseekers video game, allowing access to new areas of the game. Lights flash and change colors based on in-game progress. The Electro Eel Weapon Pack also includes an exclusive augmented reality weapon trading card.

This 1-handed slashing weapon delivers mechanical damage through the Electra Daze special ability.
Add lightstones and defeat enemies to level-up your weapon!
The Electro Eel stores your in-game power and progress so you can pick up your adventure right where you left off.
The Electro Eel weapon is compatible with all other Lightseekers Heroes (sold separately) and include unique abilities!

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