JOY CloseDrier™ Portable Garment Drying Unit with Forever Fragrant®

JOY Mangano

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JOY CloseDrier™ Portable Garment Drying Unit with Forever Fragrant®

Conveniently and easily dry all of your garments with this portable unit. With two speeds and variable heat, it makes drip-drying a thing of the past, cutting your drying time in half or more. Featuring a slim design, easy-to-read LED screen, retractable cord and simple assembly, it's the clothes-drying solution you've been looking for.

What You Get
2 Aluminum telescopic extension poles, each in 3 sections
2 Forever Fragrant discs in Fresh Linen scent
User's manual

  • Measurements: Approx. 24"L x 12-3/8"W Approx. 8-3/4"H (folded); 54"H (open) Forever Fragrant discs approx. 2-1/2" Diameter each Retractable cord approx. 70"L
  • Weight: Approx. 10 lbs.
  • Country of Origin: China

Slim, portable dryer
Perfect for silk blouses, sweaters, jeans, bathing suits, washable suits, panty hose, lingerie, underwear, scarves and ties
Compact and lightweight
Take while traveling or use it anywhere in your home
Great for apartments, RVs, dorm rooms and hotel rooms
Easy assembly
Top and bottom of unit come down and clip together, and poles fit inside the unit for quick and easy storage
All parts fit inside the dryer case with self-repairing zipper closures
Self-repairing zippers on dryer case
850-watt energy-efficient unit
Provides gentle current of air
Has no filter or steam
Does not get too hot
Makes "drip dry" a thing of the past
Cuts your drying time in half or more
2 speeds and variable heat
Creates the perfect environment for those items not recommended for tumble dry, from delicates to heavy jeans
More gentle to your clothes than your household dryer
Maximum of 2 hours drying time
Exhaust fan
Allows cold, damp air to be vented out of the unit
Side air vent for moisture and cold air ventilation
Interior garment bar at top
Can hold up to 6 garments and a total of 25 lbs.
47" interior cavity
Allows for drying of longer garments without folding them
Features Joy's Forever Fragrant Technology
Holder for Forever Fragrant disc so you can add a fresh scent to clothes as they dry
Includes 2 enhanced discs with natural hardwood flecks for a beautiful, natural-looking design
Helps eliminate malodors and also provides a subtle scent for up to 2 years
Beautiful Forever Fragrant logo cutout provides optimal air flow and enhances the scent
Place anywhere that needs refreshing, such as handbags, luggage, drawers, closets, under the sink, in garbage cans and in shoes
Built-in safety features
Tip-over switch protection, overheat protection and flame-resistant fabric
Tilt switch feature
Unit shuts off automatically when tilted at a 45-degree angle
Touchscreen LED control panel
Easy to read and program
Settings in 5-minute increments to a maximum of 2 hours
6 combination fan and heat settings
For maximum versatility
Low Fan (No Heat)
High Fan (No Heat)
Low Fan / Low Heat
Hi Fan / Low Heat
Hi Fan / High Heat
Low Fan / High Heat
Dyed-to-match retractable cord
For easy storage
Fragrance Notes - Fresh Linen Forever Fragrant Discs
Top: Citrusy, fresh-from-the-dryer scent
Mid: Dewy muguet, sheer tuberose and fresh lavender
Base: White musk and exotic woods

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