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Experience the Difference in 3 Weeks: Flaunt your nourished, radiant skin with AlkaGlam's Sea Lava hydrating toner for face. Clinically proven to make skin softer and firmer, address blemishes and skin concerns, and reduce visible signs of aging and uneven skin tone for clearer, luminous skin.
Reveal the Ocean’s Secrets: Dive deep into nature's lap and let the sea work its wonders on your skin. We harness deep marine minerals like Zeolite with Zinc, Magnesium, Kaolin, and Tourmaline, ensuring natural, alcohol-free toner for every sensitive skin.
Easy To Use and Apply Face Cleanser and Toner: Get effortlessly glowing skin with our facial toner for aging skin. Prepare the device by rinsing it with the included water, add starter water, and shake it to activate the O-Dobi beads. Apply using a tonic-soaked cotton pad, then gently pat 2-3 pumps onto the skin for maximum absorption.
Enjoy Year-Long Beauty Goodness: Practically maintain beautiful, glowing skin. Enjoy our face toner for women and men year-round by refilling it with distilled water every three weeks.
Revolutionize Your Skin Care: Our proprietary technology combines mineral science and advanced water filtration to elevate the natural skincare routine of every user — experience the future of beauty and skincare with AlkaGlam.

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