BeautyBio Skin Icing Cryo Roller for Face, Eye & Body

BeautyBio Skin Icing Cryo Roller for Face, Eye & Body


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What You Get
Dual ended Cryo Roller Tool
What It Does
Stainless steel roller head and can be stored in the fridge or freezer to instantly and temporarily cool the skin to tighten the appearance of pores
Cryo Rollers immediately cool the skin on contact temporarily tighten the appearance of pores
Cryo Rollers deliver an instant temporary cooling, refreshing feeling perfect for use after beauty treatments such as waxing and microdermabrasion , during warm weather, and after workouts
Crafted of weighted stainless steel and designed to hug the contours of the face and body; the Wide head was designed for use on face and body, while the narrow end was designed for use under the eye, on the brow bone, or on hard to reach areas
Massaging motion helps temporarily stimulate localized circulation, delivering the appearance of a natural, subtle flush to skin for a temporary, natural-looking radiant glow
Consumer Perception Survey In a consumer perception survey of 30 people who used the GloPRO Cryo Face and Body Rollers once: 93% said that their skin felt awakened after use 90% said their skin felt softer & smoother to the touch 86% noticed their skin's texture appeared smoother 83% said their pores appeared tightened & less noticeable 83% said they noticed a flushed look to their skin 100% said that they felt a pleasant, cooling sensation when rolling on the back of their neck
How to Use
When using GloPRO Cryo Skin Icing Rollers as a beauty treatment on its own:
STEP 1 Cleanse face, pat dry, then apply your favorite serum or facial oil.
STEP 2 Remove Cryo Attachment Heads from fridge or freezer and allow them to sit for 5 minutes. Attach Cryo Heads to GloPRO and turn the tool on.
STEP 3 Use each roller as follows:
NARROW ROLLER Roll under eyes using an outward motion while applying light pressure Roll along brow bone from the center of your face toward your ears Roll on your nose to mouth lines in a downward motion .
WIDE ROLLER Roll from the side of the nose across cheek toward your ears Roll on cheeks in an upward motion from jawline to cheekbone. Roll along jawline from center of chin toward your ears. Roll on ankles in circular motions. Roll on the back of your neck, shoulders.
STEP 4 Remove from GloPRO handle when finished. Rinse with water and towel dry after use. For an extra cooling experience, store in the fridge or freezer.
Using Cryo Attachments after a GloPRO Microneedle beauty treatment: Immediately following use of any of the GloPRO Microneedle attachments, apply your topicals and then follow steps 2-4 above, utilizing your GloPRO Skin Icing Cryo Attachments as your last step.
For AM+PM use. Store in fridge or freezer between uses. If storing in the freezer, wait five minutes before use.
Pro tips: You may notice an initial flush to your skin giving a temporary radiant glow - this is completely normal. Can be used after other beauty treatments such as waxing, or after working out.

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