Eleni & Chris CurlMin Travel Kit

Eleni & Chris CurlMin Travel Kit

Eleni & Chris

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What You Get
CurliMin Defining Shampoo 2.5 fl oz
CurliMin Defining Conditioner 2.5 fl oz

A sulfate free shampoo that gently cleans hair without weighing it down. The shampoo defines curls, and gives moisture to the hair. CurliMin contains the unique ingredient Amaze™ which protects against frizz in high humidity, and gives good combability to the hair. It contains Heliogenol that prevents color from fading, as well as providing UV protection.
A moisturizing conditioner that rebuilds and defines curls withouth weighing hair down. The conditioner contains SeraShine® which gives good combability, and Heliogenol that prevents color from fading and provides UV protection.

Contains a hand picked selection of exclusive ingredients.
Gives healthy, defined curls and texture.
Sulfate free products especially developed for those who want bouncy, defined curls and texture.

How to use
Apply to wet hair and massage thoroughly into the scalp before rinsing. Shampoo for a second time for optimum results. Finish by using CurliMin Defining Conditioner and/or CurliMin Defining Leave-In Cream.
After shampooing using CurliMin Defining Shampoo, CurliMin Defining Conditioner should be applied to the length of the hair and thoroughly massaged in. Rinse out. Finish with CurliMin Defining Leave-In Cream to protect hair from external influences.

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