Eleni & Chris SensiMin Balancing Conditioner

Eleni & Chris SensiMin Balancing Conditioner

Eleni & Chris

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SensiMin contains Heliogenol that prevents color from fading, as well as providing UV protection. The conditioner is completely free from parabens, perfume and silicones, which makes it the perfect choice for a sensitive scalp. It gives moisture to the hair, making it smooth and soft.

Contains Frescolat which has a cooling effect, and leaves scalp fresh and balanced.
Also contains Aloe Vera Gel which has a moisturizing, cooling and vitalizing effect on skin.
Soothes and calms irritation and scratching.
Prevents color from fading and provides UV protection.

How to use
After shampooing using SensiMin Balancing shampoo, SensiMin Balancing Conditioner should be applied to the length of the hair and thoroughly massaged in. Rinse out. Finish with SensiMin Balancing Leave-In Lotion if needed.

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