YBF Shockin + Sassy Lip Gloss

YBF Shockin + Sassy Lip Gloss


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What You Get
.3 fl. oz. Shockin' and Sassy Lip Gloss (choice of BLAST!, BOOM!, DARE!, or POP!)

What It Does
The shades will be sure to shock you with their high coverage and payoff
BLAST! is a beautiful red berry that you will die for, POP! is a creamy bubblegum pink that will give you the appearance of a youthful-looking pout
DARE! is a brown nude that gives a little extra oomph to the appearance of your natural shade
BOOM! is a purple fuchsia that will fill you with confidence

How to Use
Glide on your favorite shade for full coverage and incredible definition, when you pucker those lips the room will be yours

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