Happy Place 22 oz. Fabric Freshener Concentrate with Odor Blocker Set

Beekman 1802

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(1) 22 oz. Fabric freshener concentrate with odor blocker
(1) Empty On-the-Go sprayers
(1) Empty 10 oz. bottle with auto trigger
GOOD TO KNOW Please take care when transferring the fabric freshener concentrate to the spray bottle. Attaching the spray top does take a little bit of pressure to create the seal so it doesn't leak; otherwise, it pops up. This continuous spray top has a non-aerosol pump, so the user has to push down and twist - there is a track on the rim of the bottle. The spray bottle is a great bottle once you've done it once you get the hang of closing it.

This offer of Happy Place's popular Fabric Freshener with odor blocker will keep your clothes smelling great by refreshing your laundry with sea salt and some plant-derived ingredients. Plus, the handy on-the-go sprayer lets you use the Fabric Freshener whenever and wherever it's needed.

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