"AS IS" Beauty Bioscience R45 The Reversal Phase 1-4


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What You Get
(1)  .34 fl. oz. Phase 1A (Regeneration Complex)& Phase 1B (GFS Serum)
(1)  .34 fl. oz. Phase 2A (Regeneration Complex) & Phase 2B (GFS Serum)
(1)  .34 fl. oz. Phase 3A (Regeneration Complex) & Phase 3B (GFS Serum)
(1)  .34 fl. oz. Phase 4A (Regeneration Complex) & Phase 4B (GFS Serum)
(1)  .17 fl. oz. Phase 4A (Regeneration Complex) & Phase 4B (GFS Serum)

What It Does
Proprietary mixture of Vitamin A and peptides is formulated to address many major aspects of aging, including wrinkles, skin tone evenness, pores and skin spots
Optimizes the epidural layers of skin and assists with your natural cell turnover
A wrinkle-filler alternative, this formula plumps wrinkles
Titration Therapy mitigates the traditional side effects associated with highly active Vitamin A products
Concentration of ingredients increases from Phase 1 to Phase 2 to Phase 3 to Phase 4

How to Use
R45: The Reversal 3-Phase Skin Transforming Beauty Treatment: Use at night for 45 days on clean skin. Phase 1 will be used for two weeks, Phase 2 for the following 2 weeks and Phase 3 for the following 2 weeks. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser. Use a pump of A and a pump of B on Phase 1 nightly. Once 2 weeks have elapsed, switch over to Phase 2 and repeat process until finished with Phase 3. You have the option to continue on to Phase 4 (sold separately) or stop at Phase 3. After a nightly R45 application it is recommended that you moisturize with a serum and/or a non-anti-aging moisturizer. Use once nightly for the time frame above. Recommended to use the whole regimen twice yearly, but can be used more often if desired.
Made in USA

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