French Tip Dip Nail Polish with Dip Jar

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What It Is
Individual lacquer and dip jar to use with your French Tip Dip tool (Not Included) and create cool color tip designs.
What You Get
.47 fl. oz. Lacquer 
Dip jar

What It Does
Polish and dip jar duo for easy French Tip application
Fashion-forward shades
Reusable jar
French Tip Dip tool sold separately

How to Use
Choose 1 tip of French Tip Dip tool (sold separately) that fits MOST nails best (Tip: Use the same tip on most fingers).
Pinch or flatten if necessary for better fit; your tool should touch the center of your nails without pressing down.
Pour desired nail polish into jar about 1/3 full.
Dip tool upside down into nail polish to desired tip length (wipe backside and free edge to remove excess polish as you would any nail polish brush).
Rest hands comfortably on flat surface.
Position dipped tool just above the tip of your pinkie finger (make light contact while carefully watching the lines you create; do not press or scrape).
Apply from pinkie to pointer finger dipping only when necessary.
Wait 1 minute and do the other hand.
Do thumbs last as you will probably switch tips.
Finish with Sheer Genius & 3 Minute Topcoat (sold separately).
Made in USA

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